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ERISA - Firing Due to Disability and The "Actively at Work" Provision

Murray Law Office takes pride in assisting our clients with the difficult legal issues facing them when they become disabled and when their ERISA governed claims for long, or short term disability benefits are denied or terminated.

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What Is an Independent Medical Exam?

An Independent Medical Exam (IME) is a physical assessment that an insurance company may require you undergo as part of its claim determination process. While the requirements for such an exam may vary based on a claimant’s disability contract, it is important to note that most policies contain a clause allowing the insurance company to order such an exam.

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Why You Need a Lawyer to Assist You with Your Long-Term Disability Appeal

The laws that govern employer provided long-term disability appeals is a complex area of insurance law that becomes very confusing when filing for disability. The attorneys at Murray Law Office are well-trained in ERISA and can make the process less stressful and advocate effectively on your behalf.

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