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Your Denied LTD Disability Claim Is Not the End of The Story

Elderly woman touching the shoulder and arm of an elderly man on crutches while talking to a woman in a suit holding a clipboard and pen The Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission provides state long-term disability benefits for injured, ill and disabled state employees who can no longer work because of their medical condition.

If you are a state government employee, these long-term disability benefits can provide a lifeline and support for you and your family. Yet you must apply and prove eligibility before you can receive these benefits.

Simply filing a claim, even when you are legitimately disabled, may not be enough. If you want to put yourself and your claim in the best position to succeed, the Murray Law Office in Boston, Massachusetts, can help you file your claim or appeal a denial. You can have an attorney on your side who will clearly explain your rights and options to you, and defend your interests aggressively with your insurer.

Are You a State Employee?

Are You Eligible for GIC Long-Term Disability Benefits?

Massachusetts is considered a "non-Social Security" state, which means many employees of the State of Massachusetts are not eligible for benefits through the Social Security Administration. To ensure state employees are covered in the event of a disability, the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission has chosen Unum to insure the State's long-term disability plan.

Due to the Long Term Disability Plan's coordination of benefits clause, voluntarily electing to file for early retirement can drastically impact the value of your Long-Term disability benefits as well as the money your receive from the State's pension system when you reach retirement age. Choosing incorrectly which benefits to apply for can drastically impact your financial standing when you reach retirement and replace a tax-free long term disability benefit with a taxable one.

Having an experienced Long Term Disability Attorney who is well-versed in filing disability employees of the State of Massachusetts can help alleviate the stress as well as help with the transition from working to filing for disability.

At the Murray Law Office, We Know LTD Insurance

Our lawyers have significant experience helping disabled individuals get the benefits they need. We can help you with your claim or appeal by providing knowledgeable advice and the wisdom gained from years of helping individuals successfully pursue their disability claims under the Massachusetts GIC program.

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