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Smiling young woman and man shaking a man's hand across a table with clipboards and papers on itEmployer-provided benefits come with any number of exclusions and caveats. If you have been denied such a benefit, you may not even know where to start in appealing your claim. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge can - and often does - harm hardworking individuals and families who need benefits the most.

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At the Murray Law Office, our attorneys provide experienced legal representation for clients who have been denied their long-term disability claims, their life insurance claims, and numerous other benefits, including:

  • Health insurance. Your insurer may allege fraud or reference an exclusion when denying your health insurance benefit. Our experienced lawyers can review your claim and policy language to protect your rights and interests during this difficult time.

  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance. AD & D insurance contains numerous exclusions, including death caused by suicide and "natural causes." We hold insurance companies accountable to the policy and will enforce your rights.

For Experienced Legal Counsel
  • Premium waiver disputes. When you become disabled, some insurance companies will waive your responsibility to continue paying life insurance premiums so long as you meet certain criteria pursuant to the terms of your policy.

  • Retirement and pension benefits. We rely on our retirement savings a great deal. Getting the pension or retirement benefits you deserve can be complicated. We can help.

  • Severance claims. We can help you resolve disputes over your severance package.

Put Yourself in A Position to Succeed on Your Claim

When you are legitimately injured, suffered the tragic loss of a loved one, or need savings or severance to provide for your family, there is little room for error. But complex state and federal laws, including benefits governed under ERISA, can make navigating these claims difficult.

Let our experienced insurance and ERISA benefits lawyers guide you. Call or schedule your consultation below to begin protecting your rights. We charge no upfront fees and are conveniently located in the heart of historic downtown Boston, Massachusetts.