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DISCLAIMER: The testimonials on this page represent a small sampling of clients the firm has helped and their personal views on our firm. Please note that all cases are different and case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in your case.

Very Patient and Understanding

I appreciate everything Murray Law Office & Oliver Jenkins have done for the LTD claim. They were very patient and understanding of what was needed with my claim. My claim was overturned and I can't thank them enough for all their help. I recommend the Murray Law Office in Milton MA.

-Karen Pettigrew

Highly Recommend Vincent Murray

We hired Vin Murray regarding a case we had with our son. His law office was recommended by another law office to contact him directly. When we first called Vin he responded the same day and provided us a consultation over the phone with some helpful directions on our next steps. After speaking with Vin, he immediately went into action and contacted the police department that was making the charge against my son to inform them he was representing us in this matter. All of this without meeting with us first. When we finally met with Vin he was very casual and easy to talk to. We can tell he was very honest and upfront with us. He could tell right away that our son was a great kid who made a very bad decision. Vin followed up with us consistently informing us of his actions. He persistently reached out to the appropriate parties to address my son's case in the hopes of getting it completely dismissed without a reflection on my son's records. During the magistrate's hearing Vin spoke directly about my son and expressed the dynamic of our family unit as well as the accomplishments of my son. The magistrate and the police department were very impressed and dropped all charges and the case never went before a judge. We thank Vincent Murray for everything he did for our family and especially my son. I would highly recommend Vincent Murray for any legal matters, he was honest, helpful and quickly produced a positive result for us! Thanks Vin!!


Murray Fought for Me

Hello, I knew many Boston Attys and called many professional friends I hired Vincent Murray who I had never met after many Attys claimed conflict of interest or didn't return the call. When I was introduced to Atty Vincent Murray I was feeling hopeless I received a Traumatic Brain injury back shoulder and neck injuries that persist today in a head-on car accident while working for a Government agency. There was a great deal of Noise around my case, but when I left his office there was no noise only the facts the truth. And he told me he would fight to the end for me and more important to me he believed me. If you know disability claims. There are many parts to qualify and you can be disqualified. At each phase And they forced us to appeal to almost every section. We appealed and went before a number of judges and Atty Murray fought on for me. This was my life they continued to drag it out. But we won and moved on every time. Atty Murray on a Saturday drove the route with me to really understand our case yes our because he was invested with me. In dark time he reassured me. Personally. The firm founder never passed me on or wasn't prompt with. A reply he was there for me his client. He never dragged out responding. He moved my case as fast as humanly possible. If he didn't get a returned call from someone He took a walk and stopped by to visit the people working in the case on the other side WE Won OUR CASE I am fully disabled intellectually because of my TBI and physical work from the chronic pain which has been challenging And permanent. His commitment and that of now Atty Mathew Butler. has made all the difference in my life I now can receive benefits I was entitled to for an accident I did not cause

A man and Atty who takes the hard cases which many were not Brave enough to take is a man of character Atty Vincent Murray is a man that goes past the extra mile. Fights for what's right and just. I have never given higher praise to anyone in my long professional career or personal as well.

You can't go wrong with Vincent Murray


Excellent Talent

I contacted Mr. Murray's firm to take my case and fortunately for me he was able to represent me the following morning in court! He was able to research the facts and looked at all the possibilities and answered all my questions to help get the best outcome. Without his expertise I would not have been able to resolve a difficult situation, which he handled perfectly. He does his best and is very caring and he made me feel very confident. Because of his patience and contacting the proper authorities, he was able to win my case and clear my name. I am in debt to him for his excellent talent in handling an accident that required immediate action and giving me the best result. I would recommend Vin Murray to anyone who wants a great lawyer. Thanks again Vin, I really appreciate your spirit!