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Ordinary Disability Retirement Attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts

Know Your Rights and Options when Seeking Ordinary Disability Retirement

Man in white coat with stethoscope around his neck taking notesOrdinary disability retirement helps injured or ill state employees who have been working for the state for the equivalent of 10 years full-time by providing benefits if they can no longer perform their job duties.

The claims process is lengthy and can be daunting. It can take up to a year or more to receive ODR benefits, even if you do everything correctly. Your application must be approved by a three-member panel who will analyze your disability claim, including the cause of your disability and the reasons why you cannot continue working. Making a mistake on the application or providing inadequate evidence can lead to further delays or even a denial.

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The Murray Law Office, conveniently located in downtown Boston, has been helping injured and disabled individuals and their families since 1975. We know Massachusetts state law and have helped state and public employees in all facets of their disability claim.

Simply put, we know insurance law. We have helped countless families and individuals with their financial outlook in the wake of suffering a serious accident or injury.

We are client-centered, and we always strive to keep you informed of your legal matter. We will clearly and honestly explain your options, next steps, and how we can help. We will not resort to technical jargon and legalese when explaining your rights and options to you.

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Our lawyers believe everyone should know their rights under the law. That is why we charge nothing for an initial consultation, and we do not accept fees regarding your disability claim unless you receive benefits.

Massachusetts has set deadlines under which an employee can file a claim, so delay can prevent you from receiving benefits. Call our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys. You can also briefly note your legal issue here and we will reply promptly.