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Short Term Disability Attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts

Gavel on table with scales of justice, stack of books, and hourglassYour employer-provided short term disability benefits protect you when you become injured, ill or disabled, and cannot work. It is also necessary to successfully obtain short-term disability benefits before you receive long-term disability benefits if you are permanently disabled.

That is why STD insurance benefits are so important to your current and long-term financial health. A denial takes away your focus on your recovery or management of your disability and prohibits you from obtaining long-term disability benefits when needed.

Avoid Claim and Appeal Mistakes by Getting Experienced Legal Help

Employee Retirement Income Security Act is a complex law that governs whether your employer-provided STD insurance must cover your disability claim.

Most people, even many attorneys, lack experience in the nuances of this complex federal law. At the Murray Law Office, we know ERISA law and short-term disability claims.

It can be hard to understand why you have received a denial after you have filed a legitimate claim for needed short-term disability benefits. Yet insurers regularly deny disability claims if they feel there is not enough medical proof of your disability. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may have to see several doctors or medical specialists to prove your claim.

Understand Your Rights in MA

Unfortunately, it is sometimes not enough to be legitimately disabled and have your doctor acknowledge your disability. You must actively prove to the insurer how you meet the terms of your short-term disability insurance policy.

On appeal, you must be sure to include all relevant information to put your claim in the best position to succeed. This is hard to do alone. We are ready to help.

Get the Knowledge You Need

At the Murray Law Office, in Boston, Massachusetts, we help short-term and long-term disabled individuals with experienced, aggressive representation that best represents their financial interests.

We have significant experience filing claims and appeals. Because we work often with insurance companies, we know how to speak with their agents and get the information you need to file a complete appeal.

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