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Aggressive Legal Representation After a Long-Term Care Insurance Denial

Close up of a young hand holding an older handFew families can afford the costs of a nursing home, in-home nurse, or other long-term care arrangements. Yet ordinary health insurance does not cover long-term care. Some federal and state benefits, such as Medicaid, cover nursing home care and assisted living only once the money and assets of the person who needs care are all but gone.

Since we all want good medical care at the end-of-life for ourselves and our loved ones without bankrupting our estate, long-term care insurance can be a good investment. Unfortunately, because of the high cost of such care, insurance companies take a very close look at claims for long-term care insurance.

Lawyers Who Put the Interests of Your Aging Loved Ones First

Insurance companies will look to lower their costs by denying a claim when they can argue there is an exclusion that bars coverage, premiums were not paid timely, and will also constantly require extensive documentation be provided demonstrating that the beneficiary of the insurance policy truly does meet the terms and fine print.

Guidance with Your Future in Mind

For example, you will be required to prove how your loved one's medical conditions prevent them from performing certain activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, attending to personal hygiene, and toileting in order to qualify. This can be difficult and often requires extensive documentation.

With significant experience with helping clients apply for long-term care benefits, we can assist your loved ones with applying for and maintaining their eligibility for benefits by working with their doctors and professionals to help demonstrate our clients' continued eligibility for benefits under their policies.

We are not afraid to hold insurers accountable. If you ever receive a denial for your claim for long-term care, we are ready to help.

Long-Term Care Claims Must Be Handled Carefully

Because there is a lot at stake when securing needed medical care for a loved one in need of long-term care, now is not the time to make a mistake.

The Murray Law Office, in Boston, Massachusetts, has successfully represented people like you in long-term care insurance disputes for years. Since 1975, we have been unafraid to take on insurance companies and protect the rights of our clients throughout their insurance claims process.

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