Know Your Rights After A Denied LTD Claim

Know Your Rights After A Denied LTD Claim

Obtaining long-term disability benefits is vital to your physical and financial well-being if you have become disabled. Unfortunately, obtaining LTD insurance benefits can be a lengthy and complex process. Numerous pitfalls and traps exist throughout both the initial application and appeal of denied LTD claims.

A Failure To Protect Your Interests Can Lead To Significant Consequences

Filing an incomplete claim or appealing without a full understanding of your rights and obligations, or appealing without properly substantiating your claim pursuant to the case law can irreparably harm your chances of success.

Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, you are required to appeal to the insurance company when your claim has been rejected or terminated before you resort to litigation. Once you have appealed a denied claim, you are not allowed to introduce any new evidence once a final decision has been made by the insurance company. As such, the information you provide to the insurer during your appeal is the only chance you have to make your case.

For many legitimately disabled individuals, an initial rejection is frustrating, disappointing and terrifying. Too frequently, disabled individuals appeal too quickly without understanding their rights and obligations under ERISA and operating under the mistaken impression their insurer will make their case for them simply by telling them they want to appeal. By getting an experienced Long Term Disability insurance benefits lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that you have a competent attorney guiding you through the appeals process and ensuring all of the relevant information needed to substantiate your claim is included with your request for an appeal.

If necessary, your lawyer can also use the information submitted on appeal to file a lawsuit in federal court against your insurer.

Let An Experienced ERISA Claims Attorney Guide You

We know how to file an appeal that preserves your rights and provides you with the best opportunity to be successful.

We have the experience and know-how to file claims. If an insurance company denies an appeal, we are happy to file a lawsuit against that insurer and make them explain their denial in federal court.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, our attorneys provide experienced, aggressive representation for the disabled throughout the state and the East Coast.

We Accept No Fee Unless We Help You

Long-term disability benefits are too significant to risk filing an incomplete claim or appeal. If you want the knowledge and ability that only years of experience in holding insurance companies accountable can bring, contact the Murray Law Office to discuss your rights and options. We charge no fee for an initial consultation.

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