Get An Experienced Advocate On Your Side

Get An Experienced Advocate On Your Side

There is a lot going on when you become disabled. It can be overwhelming to figure out your disability benefits while you are struggling to meet financial demands and learning to live with your disability.

Your insurance company may be treating you like a number, one that will negatively affect their bottom line if your claim is approved. It can be difficult to get straight answers from insurance company agents and representatives. You may not know what is going on at the insurance company or why your claim has been denied.

How A Long Term Disability (LTD) Attorney Can Help

At the Murray Law Office, located in historic downtown Boston, Massachusetts, we will give you the respect and compassion you deserve.

Still, it is sometimes unclear how an experienced ERISA and long-term disability claims attorney can help. Certainly, your insurance company will not encourage you to get an attorney. But having an advocate on your side during your claims process can be invaluable. Below are four reasons why a LTD claims lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve:

  • Knowledge of your rights. State and federal laws regarding disability benefits are complex. Insurance policies are written by lawyers who carefully craft exceptions and exclusions. Having an insurance law attorney on your side can level the playing field by giving you knowledge of your rights.
  • Avoiding pitfalls and traps. There are strict deadlines and rules regarding disability insurance claims and appeals. A single mistake can irreparably harm your case. A lawyer will help you understand your options and avoid common mistakes on appeal.
  • An objective assessment. When you are disabled, it is easy to assume your claim will be approved. Why would you file a disability claim otherwise? Unfortunately, insurance companies do not see it this way. An objective attorney can help you compile evidence of your disability that will persuade others of the merit of your claim.
  • The ability to go to court. While everyone should have a fair opportunity to present their case, the reality is insurance companies know when they are risking litigation by denying a claim. Having the ability to hold insurance companies accountable through litigation provides an incentive for insurance companies to be more objective in their assessment of your claim.

We Believe Everyone Should Know Their Rights Regarding Insurance Benefits

Everyone whether you are in a disabled condition or not, should be treated fairly under the law. Because of this we do not charge any upfront fees. We will only be paid if we help you secure benefits. Call 617-720-4411 to discuss your situation or schedule your free initial consultation below.